Sunday, July 11, 2004

Museum Updates

Uploaded is artwork from Nestor Redondo from Tagisan ng Mga Agimat. Click HERE. It suddenly occurred to me that I have not yet done anything on Nestor Redondo on the site and I think its about time. A profile is forthcoming after I put up Javinal's.

I met with the Francisco V. Coching foundation this past week and I managed to secure permission to use Coching's art for the Filipino Komiks Art book. The prospect of compiling Coching's novels in complete volumes also looks very promising, although at this point anything can still happen. In case it does push through, Barbaro and El Indio are the first two novels that are in line. Which is what would personally choose as well because looking through the artwork on those two novels I was close to tears at the sheer beauty of it.

A note on the term "novel" as it is applied to comics in the Philippines: A typical comic book during the time of Coching had 60+ pages and they were all anthologies of 4-6 pages each per story. Any story that continued from one issue to the next was considered a "novel". Each novel usually lasted anywhere from 25-100 installments before finally finishing.

No compilations were really ever published that collects one whole story in one volume before. Comics writers or artists would make their own personal collections by cutting out their stories from the original comics and bookbinding them.