Saturday, November 13, 2004

Jesse Santos, Korea Comics Festival, etc.

The World's Smallest Comic Book?

I got a huge box in the mail yesterday. It contained books, a shirt, and a couple of these really small comic books. Could they be the smallest? They fell out of the box and I thought they were just a couple of small erasers. Ilyn held one up and told me that they were actually little comic books! It's amazing! I couldn't understand them though, as they're in Korean.

They came from South Korea's Bucheon Cartoon Information Center, who just recently organized the successful 7th Bucheon International Comics Festival. They say the festival had around 70,000 visitors for the duration.

They had contacted me several months ago asking for assitance in acquiring information and reference material on Philippine comic books and I sent them several current comics collections including SIGLO: Freedom, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Congressman Kalog, Pugad Baboy, Mang Ambo and many others. I also sent high resolution scans of the works of Francisco Coching, Alfredo Alcala etc, and a write up on the history of Philippine comics.

They invited me to the festival, and I wish I could have gone, but I was busy finishing a bunch of work before I left for Bohol. Maybe next year.

Jesse Santos

I updated the museum with artwork from DI-13 by Jesse Santos. Jesse Santos may well be the first artist in Philippine comics to apply watercolor shading to render characters. Most of the opening pages of Jesse's work feature a panel or a whole page of artwork rendered in this manner.

Click here for Jesse Santos' DI-13