Monday, November 15, 2004

Pinoy Komiks Artists

Thanks Mr. Romeo Tanghal Jr.!

Can Anyone Identify these Artists/Writers?

Huge HUGE thanks to Mr. Romeo Tanghal Jr., superstar inker of Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Robin and a ton of other comics from DC Comics! He sent over a package of original art, sketches, posters and photographs for the benefit of the museum. Thank you sir!

We will be featuring this stuff slowly over the coming months, and they will become a permanent fixture of the museum online and off.

Aside from this, Mr. Tanghal emailed some photographs as well, including the one featured above. I've restored it a little bit with some help from Neil. Thanks man! This was taken from a costume party held at Tony Velasquez's house during the christmas season of 1963-64. Some of the artists/writers have been identified. Can anyone help identify the rest?

For a higher resolution of this picture as well as a list of those already identified, CLICK HERE.