Monday, November 01, 2004

More Oktoberfest Pics!

More Oktoberfest Pics!

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Johnny wants to be eaten as newest Komikera Therese gets her face painted courtesy of Jac.

Jac gives Carla, Ilyn's cousin a face painting.

Mylene and Johnny

Gerry's Angels

The last day of Komikero's public display of the Philippine Comics Art Museum was yesterday and it proved to be quite surprising and fun day all around. Early in the day tricycle drivers looking for passengers were stopping in front of the booth, getting down and checking out the exhibit. All of them were pleasantly surprised at seeing bits and pieces of their childhood on display and they animatedly talked about how they used to read them when they were kids. One particular driver happily pointed out dates of the issues of the comics, saying things like "I was grade 3 when this came out! I was kinder on this one!"

Another particular driver stopped in front of the booth and started looking for issues of THOR. We had a bunch of old (and newish) Marvel, DC, and Image, as well as some Alamat Comic, my comics and indies form the Komikeros. The guy happily looked through most of them. He ended up buying a couple of comics before he got back on his tricylce and drove off.

Younger kids find themselves very impressed with the works of Alfredo Alcala, Nestor Redondo, Alex NiƱo and are surprised to realize Filipino artists are really *really* good. People pass by all day reminiscing of the days when the read comics and they just hung out to talk comics, and check out the exhibits.

Late komiks writer L.P. Calixto's wife and children, as well as L.P.'s frequent collaborator, komiks artist Rudy Florese's entire family visited the booth and it was one of the highlights of the exhibit.

It's this kind of response that convince me that a museum on comics here in San Pablo is truly worth having, and something that could be much appreciated by people from all walks of life.