Saturday, October 30, 2004

San Pablo Oktoberfest!

San Pablo Oktoberfest!

I got a couple of booths for the Oktoberfest/Food and Art and etc. Festival here in San Pablo City from Oct. 27 to 31. I saw it as an opportunity to publicly preview the Philippine Comics Art Museum and gauge the reaction of the people to it. The Komikero group can use the booth as well to sell their mini comics, caricatures, back issues, postcards, books and so on. Ilyn is taking the opportunity to sell her hand made cards, and dispose of read books.

The response, I'm glad to say, has been very encouraging. Visitors were amazed at some of the old komiks and artwork on display. Older visitors felt nostalgic and talked about komiks they had loved when they were younger, and younger visitors were very impressed by artists they are seeing for the first time like Nestor Redondo and Alfredo Alcala.

Our San Pablo City postcards received quite a bit of attention as well. Nobody really makes postcards of San Pablo City scenery and the reaction to them were quite surprising. A lot of them couldn't believe how beautiful Sampalok Lake is. Someone really couldn't believe it and was convinced I "edited" the pictures on the computer to make them look good. He only has to go to the other side of the park just to see how beautiful that lake is. :) At any rate, we sold quite a bit of those postcards.

I also took this chance to work on my Batman/Danger Girl pages, and make that part of the exhibit. A lot of people, specially the younger kids and students, were very interested in seeing how an actual comic book page is inked. Having people watch you work can get unsettling at times, but it did prod me to work really hard and I ended up finishing more than what I normally would back home.

Thanks to Johnny, Geoff, Jerald and Mylene for helping out the first couple of days!

We still got two more days to go. Anybody is welcome to drop by! Our spot is between the Municipal Hall and the Doña Leonila Park. Here are some pictures from it:

Setting up the booth with the help of our UAP OJTs. Komikero Jerald supervises.

Inking Batman/Danger Girl. That man hung out there for a long time.

Ilyn and Komikero Mylene selling postcards and books.

Girls like comics!

If you want to drop by and don't know how to get here, check out these directions:

Get to where the Municipal Hall is and we're just sitting next to it. See you!