Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mars Ravelo/Siglo

Museum Update (At Last!)/Siglo: Passion

I managed to do a little bit of update on the museum with a page of Mars Ravelo's Buhay Pilipino, published in the pages of Liwayway, dated April 18, 1949. Before Mars became well known as a writer and creator of classic Filipino superheroes like Darna, Lastik Man and Captain Barbell, he was writing as well as drawing Buhay Filipino for Liwayway Magazine. Buhay Filipino is probably the longest running strip in Philippine comics, which has seen regular publication for more than 50 years. The strip's current incarnation, Buhay Pinoy, currently appears weekly at Liwayway, written by Perry C. Mangilaya and drawn by Alfred C. Manuel.

Click Here for a large scan of the page.

I've finally finished my story for Siglo:Passion. I'm pretty happy with how the pages turned out colored. It was pretty exhausting doing colors for the first time in the computer, but it started to get really fun as I got the hang of it. I tried to avoid a lot of shading and sculpting, opting to do more flat colors, which I personally prefer.

I dunno, but I really REALLY like flat colors. That's probably because I grew up on those kinds of comics, specially Tintin, Asterix and any Marvel or DC comics before 1990.

SIGLO: PASSION is the 2nd in a series of annual anthology graphic novels published by Mango Books/Nautilus, the first being SIGLO: FREEDOM where I contributed "San Dig, 1944". Unlike Freedom, Passion is fully colored with contributions from talents like Lan Medina, Carlo Vergara, Leinil Francis Yu, Rafael Kayanan, Jonas Diego and so many more.

SIGLO means "Century", and each book presents 10 stories from 10 decades of Philippine history. In Freedom, I got the 40's and I took that opportunity to tell of a family curse and a fictional ancestor and how he dealt with the curse.

In Passion, I did this sort of ghost story set in the 1970's. I really like the 70's and before the story ends, I tried make sure that the reader would feel he or she WAS in the 70's. To be honest, I don't know if I pulled it off. It might well be a HUGE disaster because I took some risks with it, but I hope it won't be too bad.