Friday, October 08, 2004

Johnny Balbona #3, Birthright #6

New Releases!
Johnny Balbona and Superman: Birthright

Two comics has just been released with some of my work in them. First is Mwahaha #3, which has Johnny Balbona #3 in a story where Johnny watches Titanic....and CRIES! Other stuff in the issue has Lolo Ben giving me grief, Kensai's armpits sweating, Boboy massacring a plant and headless Aiza and Jolina heads giving corny jokes. FUN! Issue includes work by some of the country's finest cartoonists like Dengcoy Miel, Robert Magnuson, Manix Abrera, Tonton Young, Roxlee, Manny Francisco, Rene Aranda and so many more!

PSICom continues the official reprint of Superman: Birthright on the pages of DC Superheroes #6. This issue contains issue #6 of the series, written by Mark Waid, pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu, inked by me and colored by Dave McCaig. It also includes two other DC stories like JLA: Tenth Circle #3 by Byrne, Claremont and Ordway and Batman: HUSH by Loeb, Lee and Williams. Jon Z has an interview with Leinil as well.