Friday, October 08, 2004

Rudy Nebres

Rudy Nebres

I received a couple of packages today, one from Dell Barras, and another from a "Royale Logistics Phils." based in Muntinglupa, Philippines. I wasn't sure if the latter package was mine because it had been sent using my real full name, a name a share with my dad (and it's a name I'm not about to tell he.he.). The other one, from Dell, I was sure was mine. I thought wow! It's so cool that Dell would send me something as he's been unrelenting in his help in getting this museum and the book going.

When I opened it, I was in for a BIGGER surprise. It contained a package from Rudy Nebres! It contains his book, "The Art of Rudy Nebres", several copies of Rudy's work, as well as a beautifully calligraphed letter. WOW! Thanks Dell! Thanks Rudy! This package certainly made my day!

I'm absolutely awed upon receiving this package, specially coming from one of my idols. I've been seeing his work for a long time, specially on Conan and various fantasy comics I've come across in my years of collecting. He says he will be coming home to the Philippines next year and I can't wait to meet him!

In the main site, I've uploaded a cover from Espesyal Komiks #291, with a terrific cover by Rudy Nebres. Check out a large scan of it here.

...Back to the other package, the one from "Royale Logistics". Since my dad wasn't there, I decided to open it just to settle once and for all just for who this was for. Most likely it's one of those old fashioned junk mail, something that I get once in a while because of my profession as an Architect.

When I opened was ANOTHER surprise! It contained issue #262 of The Comics Journal, the newest issue with a big feature on Alex Toth. Actually, it wasn't really a surprise as I've recently subscribed to the magazine. The surprise came with the fact that it did not come from Fantagraphics but from a company based in the Philippines! My best guess is that Royale Logistics is a forwarding service of some kind.