Tuesday, June 28, 2005

CaGuintuan, Christian Alcala, Toycon 2005!

Prinsesa Bituin Part 1 Page 1
Bituin Komiks #22
June 30, 1950

CaGuintuan is one of the pioneers of Philippine komiks who created probably one of the first costumed superheroes in the Philippines called "Lagim" in the earliest issues of Pilipino Komiks. CaGuintuan is responsible for many stories in the early years of the industry including the one featured above.

Bituin Komiks was published by F.J. Quioge Publication located in Azcarraga, Manila in the early 50's. It was edited by Francisco Reyes (creator of the popular character "Kulafu") and Virgilio Mariano. Assistant Editors include Menandro Martin (who would eventually become popular as a cartoonist as "Menny Martin"), and Mauro Malang Santos.

Mauro Malang Santos will eventually attain popularity as "Malang", who is one of the Philippines' most important modernist painters. I'll feature more of Malang next week.

In the meantime, head on over to the main Museum page to see more of CaGuinutan's work or click below.

CaGuintuan's Prinsesa Bituin


Christian Alcala
Dark Light
Fictional Art Reality Series

Christian Alcala is Alfredo Alcala's son, who has demonstrated that he is an exemplary artist in his own right. He recently had an exhibit of his works, along with the works of his father and other Filipinos at the Stanford Art Spaces, Stanford University in the United States.


I received a message from my friend Jac Ting Lim's dad at the comments section below and I thought I'd reply to it here.

Hi, Gerry,

I'm the father of Jactinglim, she had send me your journal website. It's very informative and interesting, but it seems that I couldn't open the artists' drawing/illustrations below (with mark X)to view them.
I'm very fond of artwork and great artists' biographies.
More power to your work!


Thanks for visiting po! :) I'm looking into why some of the images aren't appearing on your end. All the images do appear when I browse them, but I can think of some reasons why they may not appear to some. Admittedly, it's a graphic heavy page where sometimes individual graphics can reach up to 150K. It's possible that not all images are able to load due to the sheer size of all images collectively. I would suggest right clicking on "x"ed images and click "View Image" to see them individually, or reload the entire page.

TOYCON 2005!

I didn't sleep the night before the Toycon as I tried to finish up some work. I ended up bringing the work to the Toycon with me, which turned out OK because the inking became part of the gimmick of the booth.

All in all, I had a great time, and it's cool meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones.

Lico Reloj attacks the Komikero booth!!

Mylene and Jonas. Congrats on the success of "A Girl's Story", Jonas! As far as I know all copies at the Toycon were sold out!

Jerald does caricatures!

Jonas and myself were interviewed by the KNN (Kids News Network) for broadcast next month.

Comics superstar Wilson Tortosa with friends.

Carlo Vergara. Thanks for coming over Carl! It's always a pleasure to hang out with you! :)

Francis M. asked me to sign his copy of Superman: Birthright.

Komikero will be back at next year's Toycon! And I promise our booth will be bigger!