Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ELMER, Bira Dantas, Guhit Pinoy

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email this morning and found THIS. Huge, huge thanks to Bira Dantas for this terrific portrait. And it has Eugene too! I'm speechless. I can say no more...

For more info about this Brazilian artist, check out these sites:

Louie Escauriaga Elmer Art

Louie Escauriaga is a Canada-based Filipino artist who has worked for eleven years as a storyboard artist the Mighty Ducks, Timon and Pumbaa, Catdog, and Savage Dragon. He was nominated for a Leo Award in BC for his storyboard work on "What About Mimi" in 2001

Check out Louie's site here:

Thanks Louie!

For those visiting this site for the first time and are wondering what is it about all these chickens, click on the ELMER link on the left colum or click here.

And from Edbon Sevilleno in Saudi Arabia comes this announcement of an exhibit of Pinoy Komiks Art in that country.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office has choosen Guhit
Pinoy to collaborate with S.E. Production to put
together the Labor Day Celebration of the Philippines
to be held on May 4 - 5, 2006 at the Philippine
Embassy in Riyadh. Along with the celebration Guhit
Pinoy will showcase a collection of comic art pieces
in an exhibition entitled Guhit Pinoy Komix Art.

Philippine celebrity Carlos Agassi along with the
Kalahi Band will highlight the opening of the

Guhit Pinoy is this group of incredibly talented artists based in Saudi Arabia, most of them with comic book roots who can't help but return to what they love doing the most: Comics Art.

To see how amazing these artists are, check out their blog here:

Their recent "project" is their versions of Conan.