Monday, April 24, 2006

Humanis Rex #13

Humanis Rex! #13

That's a panel of Humanis Rex! from next month's issue of Fudge. For those of you following what's going on, this installment features a very special guest, who will be the catalyst in sparking the final bloody and fiery act of the story.

Since this is a mainstream mag, I've actually been holding back, not fully knowing what I can or cannot do. I have been assured that I can go a certain distance, so I'll try to do that with the 2nd half, which begins with the next installment.

I can't believe that I've already been doing this for a year now, and that I'm halfway through! Yeah! I can't wait to massacre the shit out of this story. There's a huge war that's coming, and I can't wait to draw it!

Spoof E-Mail

I've been receiving e-mails that came from "Gerry" , with Subject Lines like "GWD:Re" or "Re: Hello!". I'm sure some of you may have received those too.

I would like you to know that those didn't come from me. I don't know exactly how those emails had been sent, if they are the cause of a virus or spyware or whatever. As far as viruses are concerned, I make damned sure that my computer is virus free, and I update my anti -virus software several times a week.

That, plus the unlikelihood of an actual virus being sent from a Yahoo address, an email service that employs one of the most powerful anti-virus software in processing emails that go through them, make it even more improbable those messages had been sent from my computer.

If this is a virus, an internet robot, spyware or whatever, what they do is harvest emails from the Internet. If you leave your email address on a website, a message board or guest book, then your address will eventually be harvested and then used. Email messages can be sent with viruses that can be made to appear it came from YOU. And since two of my email addresses have been made available online, those two address naturally have been harvested and viruses have been sent making it appear it came from them.

OR, an infected computer with your email address in the computer's address book is sending viruses in YOUR name.

There's a way to make sure an email supposedly sent by me is fake.

If you got emails that came from my address, but have names like "Gerry" or "" in the NAME,WHO,or SENDER column then they most likely didn't come from me. I don't send emails with half my name nor do I place my email address in the SENDER column as well.

A real email from me would have my complete name in the SENDER column, and I would certainly have much more imaginative subject lines than simply "Hello!". Most likely, I would use a subject line that has significance to whom I am sending it.

If I send files, I don't send anything but either jpeg or gif files. If you got files other than that from me, then don't open them, and email me first, like some of you have done.