Monday, December 31, 2001


Man, what a horribly bad and yet incredible dream I had last night. I sometimes have these really astounding dreams and I've written only a few of them. I think I better write this one down just so I won't forget.

I don't remember where it started, but I was out in a mall of some kind. I get the impression that my dream had more things happening in the mall, but I just don't remember anymore. Anyway. I had my art portfolio with me as I went walking through the halls. I saw a really nice looking dog and I became really friendly with it. Because of that, I met the owner, a really attractive looking woman. I became really friendly with her, talking about a lot of stuff that made us get to know each other better. Then I recognized her. She was Sharon Cuneta, a real famous Filipino actress and star. I emphasize STAR because she's indeed one of the biggest, if not THE biggest stars here. After telling her I wasn't really much of a fan but I was really happy I met her, I said my goodbyes and moved on.

I needed to pee so headed off to the men's room. For some reason, I had to go to a hut outside the mall to do that. I went inside but all the lavatories were broken. I looked around and there was this mean looking fellow inside that seemed threatening so I went out quick. The guy followed me so I turned here and there and then lost him.

And then I remembered why I was there in the first place. I was to go to the offices of Marvel Comics to meet my editor. I did not find it strange that the offices were here in Manila and not in New York. To get to the offices, I had to climb up a really steep rocky cliff. I assumed it was the standard way of getting there. My editor was patiently waiting on his desk at the top waiting for me to arrive. It was tough climbing the cliff but I got there anyway. Once I did, I noticed that there some kind of party going on. It was noisy and there were lots of people.

I was in the middle of mingling when we heard some really loud exploding noises. At first I thought it was just firecrackers, but the sound quality of the booms were different, and they seemed to be coming from very far away. For that kind of sound to reach us the explosion must have been really tremendous. I looked out the window, which were huge and extended from the floor to the ceiling. And outside the window we could see the entire vista of Metro Manila spread in front of us.

And Makati was burning. A huge bomb exploded just then, instantly destroying everything in a kilometer radius. Many other places were exploding and many other buildings were on fire. I thought of watching this in FOX news or CNN, because they would know what was happening, but I just remembered they didn't have a TV there. I wanted to get home, but for me to get home I needed to pass through Makati. I was stuck. Then I saw a huge passenger plane burning arching up into the air. It was too much for me to bear. I thought I must be dreaming.

And with that realization, I woke up, but I dreamed I was waking up. And other people in my dream woke up too, who had shared my dream. We looked outside to the window and we saw that Makati was fine and it was not burning. The airport was busy and nothing seemed amiss. It was such a strange coincidence that we had all dreamed the same thing.

And now in that dream, I was convinced I was in the plot of some movie. I thought, this must be the plot of "Memento". The story was different maybe, I've never seen it, but I have heard that the events in the movie are out of synch, arranged non-linearly so it's tough to know which came first or after. I thought that it was a story I could use in a comic book, with the ending coming in first, that of the destruction of Makati. People wake up thinking it was a dream, not realizing it was a fate that awaited them in the end.

Then I woke up for real.