Sunday, June 09, 2002

Don't mind me, just ranting.

I may not talk about it much here, but I think about the Abu Sayyaf situation in the south a lot. And I think it's time I did say something about it here, in the light of recent events. I have to say that I'm both happy and disappointed at what happened. Happy that Gracia Burnham is alive, sad that Martin and Deborah are dead, happy that some Abu Sayyaf are dead, disappointed that not all of them are. I want take Abu Sabaya's big gun, shove it down his God damned throat and pump it full of fucking bullets. You're nothing but a gutless coward. You think that gun makes you a man? You fucking idiot. That gun makes you nothing. When you die and you think your God will congratulate you? Stupid. I'd love to see your face when your God sends you to HELL.

A couple of weeks ago, a child was held hostage by an addict. He had a footlong knife pointed right into the side of the boy while fully armed policemen surrounded them totally helpless. You could see many MANY times opportunities where the addict pointed the knife elsewhere, a time when a sharpshooter could have taken the fucker out. But they just stood there like idiots, waiting for something I don't know what the fuck what. The kid was crying and crying calling for his mom while his mom, God knows what she must have felt at the time, couldn't do anything but call at him back. When the addict started to stab the kid, the police opened fire, peppering both addict and boy to shreds. During the autopsy, it was found that the kid had 5 bullet wounds, and one straight to the heart which had killed him. What fucking idiots those fucking police were. You don't want to think badly about your own law enforcement, but sometimes you are forced to by no less than the police themselves. You idiots. You morons.

And to you fucking bleeding hearts who believe addicts are victims who shouldn't be punished, you're out of your fucking minds. It's because of idiots like YOU that addicts can victimize innocent people with impunity. It's because of YOU that this world is NOT a better place to live in. These "addicts" KNOW that taking drugs is BAD. And they KNOW that under its influence, they can do BAD things. They're CRIMINALS, pure and fucking simple. Victims my ASS. They should be shot on sight.