Thursday, June 06, 2002

Today I'm gonna do something that I've never done on my blog before. Just start writing, bahala na and just write whatever comes to mind. Yeah, I need to be drawing right now, but I'm sorta down and I just want to write something, anything.

I should be in Manila now, but since my mom was in the hospital (she was just released and is now resting at home), I hung around. I'll go back to Manila tomorrow and get more work. I walked out earlier today as I do often in the mornings whether I'm in San Pablo or Manila. I just like to walk, clear my head, and do some muscle stretching and sweating along the way. I mostly walk to a nearby lake and go around it. It's not that large a lake, just around 2.6 kilometers circumference.

I want to run around it but I'm worried about getting bit by a dog. I was walking around there one time and this dog started following me. And pretty soon, this dog started barking at me. And pretty soon, this dog was shoving it's snout on my leg, salivating and barking like crazy. It could have bitten me right there. Meanwhile, the owner just look at her dog dumfounded. If I was a little pissed off and down during that time, I would have kicked this dog's teeth in. What the hell, I'm going to run it. As soon as I buy some nice running shoes. The one I have now is falling apart and I can't use it anymore to run. But I am using it for the Wasted movie. I expect I'll be panting and grasping for breath on the first 100 meters alone. But I feel I gotta do it. I'm making it a goal to run around that lake continuously until I make it all around.

Ok, DVDs then! I got a couple of new DVDs over the past couple of weeks. I got a couple for my girlfriend, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Legend Ultimate Edition. Personally, I got myself Plan 9 From Outer Space, the one with the 2 hour documentary on the life of its director, Edward D. Wood Jr., and From Hell. I want to know what justification they had for making the movie the way it was. Yeah, I know you can't translate a book into the movie word for word, yeah, yeah, I know that I'm NOT stupid. But if you can't even be faithful to the essence of the book, then why fucking bother? This story is about Dr. William Gull and why he was the way he was. This was NOT a story about Fred fucking Abberline.

Oh man, this is not working. I'm logging off...