Monday, June 10, 2002

What not to do when DRUNK

A month of so ago I was interviewed by the Manila Standard about the state of local comic books. Chong the interviewer and I met at Shakey's Robinson's Malate and had a few drinks. Well, actually I only had maybe 2, or 3? mugs of draft beer. Nothing too hard than that, but well, I haven't drank in a LOOONG time and my tolerance for alcohol has dropped way down. So by the end of the first mug, I was hit really hard. And by the 3rd glass, I was blabbering away and I really don't remember what the hell I was talking about. I must have ranted like crazy because I definitely remember a slightly horrified look to the writer's face when we said goodbye. So I was a bit wary about the article. The writer had sent me a text message that it was out, but I didn't get it so I had no idea it had been out until a few days ago, three weeks after the interview was out. AAARGH! Anybody read it?

A friend of mine will be launching a brand new site about the Filipino indie scene, appropriately enough, on June 12. I don't know exactly what's going to be in it, but I'm pretty sure it would be really cool. Nothing there yet but a form to fill out to join the mailing list, but come back June 12 for the launch!

Something Strange

I heard something strange last night. I was watching CSI on AXN last night at around 9pm when I suddenly heard this loud beeping from a jeepney maybe a street or two away. It was so loud and persistent that it started to drove me crazy and mad. Mad because I wasn't able to concentrate on the show. And the damned beeping went on for another 10 or 15 mintues. By the end of that 15 minutes I was really on the edge and I was ready to go up to the roof and scream bloody murder. "What the fuck are you doing you moron? Why they fuck don't you just fucking go and knock on the fucking door or talk to whoever it is I don't fucking care just fucking lay off the God damned beeping!!" Just then I heard 5 gunshots in quick succession. I turned down the volume of the TV to listen to what was happening, but I didn't hear anything anymore. The beeping stopped. Did the guy in the jeep shoot the guy he was beeping at or vice versa? Or did an irate guy annoyed at the beeping shoot at the driver? I have no idea. I'll try to find out.