Sunday, June 02, 2002

My God, I'm so tired.

Last week was really difficult to get through. Shooting Wasted was far more difficult than I had expected. I had always wanted to act, but it was something I did not show outward attention to. It was just something I kept to myself. Now that I'm there, doing it, man, it's really tough. I'm not really doing much physically but it's really emotionally draining, very much like the time I first wrote and drew Wasted. Everytime I finished an episode, I was so emotionally drained that I felt so weak and fell sick. I also finished inking an X-Men drawing over Leinil for Wizard, and I'm currently drawing The Yellow Shawl. I'm also starting inking an issue of High Roads with a really tight deadline.

Last night I arrived from Manila so tired that I wasn't able to check my email, messages that have been building up for the past week. I slept for nearly 10 hours straight. And tomorrow I have to leave for Manila AGAIN, to deliver some props for the movie, and to pick up more pages from Leinil. And my dreams don't leave me alone either. Last night I dreamed I had been beating up my dog (which I don't do) and I had beat her so hard that her eye fell out. I tried to put it back but I couldn't. When I woke up I rushed to my dog to see if she was OK. She was, and I was so happy I hugged her really hard.

I should be working today, but I still feel very tired that I'm deciding to just take it easy before I plunge back to work tomorrow. Once this blog entry is done, it's back to bed for me.

I did watch a couple of movies last week. Spiderman and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, momentarily breaking away from work. They were good diversions. I had fun watching and enjoyed them a lot. They won't make my list of top favorite movies though.