Monday, January 27, 2003

Did some gardening today. Planted some wall crawling vines, flowers and carabao grass. I like planting. It feels kinda nice putting some ugly looking seeds in the ground and see the damn things sprout and grow. I also like watering plants so that and planting go well together. I'm also doing this so I can populate our front yard with all kinds of plants. When we moved in there was hardly anything there and I really want to have it overgrown by the time it reaches summer. My window in my work room overlooks the yard and the unpaved road beyond. By unpaved it means it's all dusty when its dry. And the dust just keeps on coming into my room and into my drawings. I hope the plants keep things cool and keeps the dust in check. Plus, I really like looking at green things when I'm working, not billowing sickly grey puffs of dust as the wind picks up.

Hey....this is my desktop. :)

Saw Lord of the Rings: Two Towers TWICE now on the big screen. It's really fucking awesome. Sam's speech towards the end made me wince though. The sentiments behind it were valid and true to the story, but I wish it was delivered differently. But that's a minor nit pick. The entire movie really blew me away. I'm currently reading THE HOBBIT and it's a really cute, fun story. I'm already halfway through and I'm having so much fun with it. I wish Peter Jackson would do this as a prequel of sorts, getting back all the original actors from LOTR to do it.