Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Wedding Pics, X-MEN!!

I've uploaded a new section of the site which includes 3 pages of pics from the wedding. Check it out at this address:


Marvel sent over a kick ass oversized hardcover of New Xmen which compiles the first dozen or so issues of New X-Men under writer Grant Morrison. It also includes the X-Men Annual 2001 that he wrote which Leinil Francis Yu pencilled and I inked. When I got the package, I knew what it was without opening it. I hadn't been doing any work for Marvel for a year or so now, and the last thing I did was that annual. So the thing in the huge package couldn't be anything else BUT this hard cover. I saw it at Comicquest and I KNEW I wanted it. I wanted it BAD. But being currently broke, I just stand there and gibber and drool. But now I have it! he.he. Thanks Marvel!