Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Hey, so this is how it is like to be married? It's really cool. Ilyn and I fixed the house up really nice and now it seems like such a great place to live in. When I first saw it, it was all dark dirty, but it did look promising. With a little paint, a little carpentry here and there, a little floor tiling on the rooms, a lot of cleaning, and arranging all our stuff including all the gifts our friends and relatives gave us, makes for a really nice home. It feels great having a place of your own. It's not all perfect yet as the phone has not yet been transferred from my old house to the new one so my computer is still here at the old house, dependent on the phone for Internet. PLDT is on strike so if that goes on, I just may have Digitel installed at the house. They've got fast dial up (56K) and they've got DSL (although a little too expensive for me at this point). The pic on the left was taken by Ilyn's dress designer at her house the night of the wedding. We won't be getting the photos back from our professional photographer for a week so I won't be able to post those till much later.

As for being married itself, it's not as jarring as I had expected it to be. I seem to have slipped into the role of husband quite easily. It's really great being married to Ilyn because we complement each other so well. We're both artists and thankfully enough, we have similar sensibilities when it comes to art so we don't creatively clash too often. And when we do, I often just give way because there's nothing more gratifying to me than to see Ilyn happy.

The wedding itself went great. I felt like I was gonna die a couple of times when things threatened to screw up, but things worked out fine in the end. Thanks to all who came and those who helped out. The wedding won't have gone through as fine without all you guys and gals. I was happy to see the FLIM at the wedding, but I was mortified when he suddenly smiled mischievously and whipped out THE CAMERA and started shooting like a madman all over the little church like he was shooting WASTED. I can't believe how he whirled around and swayed back and forth just inches away from the head of the priest, the commentators, my dad, ME. Oh man. It was so ridiculous looking just I just can't help but laugh to myself. Can't stop him though. He does what he does. Still I'm grateful he did shoot some footage after telling me shooting a wedding was beneath his undeniably considerable prowess and luminous talents as a director.

In the middle of all this I had an end of the year deadline for one page illustration for a Jack London book for Graphic Classics. After Ilyn and I had fixed up the house and settled down a bit, I went straight to Ilyn's drawing table ( as mine here at the old house is simply too big to fit through the door of our new house) and started drawing this one page illustration depicting a scene from Jack London's "Modern Duelling". This is just a small detail from the drawing as I can't show all of it yet. I finished it a couple of hours after New Years Eve here in the Philippines, scanned it and sent it, hopefully making the deadline. Now it's back to Superman, and I think we'll throw in the honeymoon in there somewhere. :)