Friday, December 17, 2004

Jim Lee on Inkers

I Love Jim Lee

Because He Respects Inkers

You all know Jim Lee. He's just probably one of the most influential comic book artists to emerge in the 90's and literally changed the face of comics and he's still at it today.

Over at his blog, he has been talking about inkers and how he frowns at some companies' decisions to do away with inkers and color directly on the pencils. There's pretty much an industry wide and fandom wide disrespect for inkers and I think it's got to do with the fact that people actually don't understand what we do. Do we just trace or what?

Well, Jim has issued a challenged to everyone. He's uploaded a high resolution copy of a pencilled page from Superman/Batman and he challenges anyone to take a crack at inking it. I think he's on to something. For someone to understand what inkers do, the best way is for them to try it themselves.

Do you want to try? Click below!