Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lico Reloj

Lico Reloj

Lico Reloj is probably one of the most promising cartoonists I've seen in a long time. And I don't say this lightly. You don't see me gushing profusely at just about any young kid who does some drawings and slaps on some words on them.

Lico's talent is something quite special. He makes me laugh. He makes me REALLY laugh. He comes from a new generation of jokesters who don't depend on tired old cliches of cartooning. While his drawing is still rough around the edges, the quality and humor of his work is unmistakable. And he never seems to run out of them, and that is one mark of a truly gifted jokester.

Some of his jokes do tend to be in-jokey, which you probably won't appreciate if you don't know the people he is spoofing, or you probably won't get if you don't have a certain level of geekery in you, but I think with work and time, he can channel his writing ability on a more general level which can be appreciated by a much wider audience.

I think Lico has it in him to go on and do great things. And I'm really hoping that it will happen.

Check out Lico's stuff at his DeviantArt page!

My advice to Lico.... develop your drawing even more, and never stop writing! I want to be entertained by your strips for as long as I live.