Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Lastikman Launching

Mars Ravelo's Lastikman Comic Book Launch!

Mango Comics invites you to the launch of its latest title for 2004, Mars Ravelo's Lastikman!

Just in time to celebrate the 40th year Anniversary of Mars Ravelo's fantastic, elastic creation, Mango Comics is proud to bring Lastikman back to the pages of comics in full color. Created in 1965, Lastikman comes to life through the writing of acclaimed comic book creator and inker Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted, Superman: Birthright), the art of two-time National Book Award winner Arnold Arre (Mythology Class, Trip to Tagaytay), and the brilliant colors of the talented Edgar Tadeo (Wolverine, Silver Surfer).

This special 56-page one shot pays homage to the original story of one of the country's most popular superheroes, and features a cameo from Mango Comics' newest creation. Mango Comics' Mars Ravelo's Lastikman is made possible in part through generous contributions to the Support Filipino Comics Program.

Be there as we celebrate 40 years of walastik superheroism! December 14, Tuesday, 4pm at PowerBooks Live! Greenbelt 4, Makati.


All right! There's actually going to be a launch of something I wrote! Awesome! Wasted had it's own launch back in 1998 and while it was small and intimate, I thought it was appropriate. This Lastikman launch is quite something else. It's going actually going to be at Powerbooks! Coolness! What self respecting writer doesn't want his book to be launched at Powerbooks? Well, maybe one or two, but well.... Arnold is an old hand at this, having had launched his book After Eden there, and actually made a Powerbooks tour as well.

Now here's hoping the book doesn't suck! Well, I'm pretty sure the art won't suck because I've seen all of if, and holy crap, they're absolutely terrific.

We hope you could come, check the comic book out, and let us know what you think. See you there!