Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Lastikman Launching

Lastikman Launching

Me and Arnold messing up somebody's copy.

I'm praying that this guy (Fero) buys another copy.

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch and bought their copies! Thanks as well to those who came even though you weren't able to buy a copy, your presence there means a lot to us.

It's very nice to meet people I've met online and people I've already met before. Forgive me if don't remember all your names right away, but rest assured I know you all by face.

I was able to check out the printed comic book myself yesterday at the launch and below I wrote a self review of it. he.he.

Thanks to AZ for the pics! Waah! I have no pictures I took myself because my camera's broke. I'll get myself a new one by February.