Monday, April 04, 2005

Franc Reyes

Franc Reyes
From Tarzan #244 from December 1975:

"This page is not only a poster, it's the VERY FIRST group of illustrations of TARZAN drawn by ace Filipino artist Franc Reyes. On the basis of these and other illustrations, Franc landed the assignment of illustrating the adventures of the ape-man. Note the strength of character present even in these out of context sketches.

Although Franc is no longer drawing TARZAN, we still receive many letters commenting upon his fine work, and thought his many fans would appreciate seeing these drawings."

This issue of Tarzan with Franc's poster is the very first time I saw his work. I was very young, maybe around 8 or 9, but when the poster mentioned Franc was Filipino, I was filled with pride and hoped to see more of his Tarzan comics. It wouldn't be until early this year that I actually did get to see a whole comic book with his work which I found in a practical shop in Los Baños. All his pages in that comic are terrific, and I'm posting the 2 page spread at the museum, linked below.

Franc's Tarzan work is currently featured on the main page of the Museum and will remain there for a week.

For a direct link to a Franc's Tarzan spread, click here.

I've also begun featuring stamps released by the Philippine Postal Corporation spotlighting Filipno Comics Illustrators and Cartoonists. The first featured is Nestor Redondo and Darna. Also on the main page.

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