Monday, April 25, 2005

Rudy Nebres

Rudy Nebres

Rudy Nebres' profile/bio along with a gallery of artwork has just been uploaded at the museum. Artwork includes covers and interior pages from comics published by ACE Publications and GASI in the Philippines and CrossGen Comics and Warren Publications in the United States. Click Image above or Click Here.

Detail from Rudy Nebres' ANGEL from 1984 #1, June 1978, Warren Publications.

Jessica Soho Reports
GMA 7, 8:30PM

The Komiks feature was aired tonight and it featured komiks collector/historian Dennis Villegas, comics writer Gilda Olvidado, illustrators Lan Medina, Hal Santiago, myself, cartoonist Pol Medina and a Darna featurette with Angel Locsin on the set of the Darna TV show.

The show was actually shorter than I had thought, clocking in just over 30 minutes, but I was glad that the depicted comics in a good light, celebrating the medium and giving due credit to the greats like Hal Santiago. They did not focus on the collapse of komiks as I had thought they'd do based on their initial questions.

The show did give the impression that the komiks industry isn't as big as it was before. But it's something that's true and pointless to deny. To deny that the industry has diminished would be to deny history. One cannot really try and convince people that comics is still as big as it ever was when they can see with their own eyes that comics can no longer be bought off the streets.

I'm glad that the purpose for the comics museum was mentioned, and that made it worthwhile. It's also nice to see due attention was given to someone like Lan Medina and Hal Santiago, who both have contributed a LOT to enriching Philippine comics.

Hopefully this show, shown as early it was, would give the impression that comics is still very much alive and I can only hope that some interest in the medium is once again directed this way.