Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Francisco V. Coching, writer and artist
Pedro Penduko
April 5, 1954

Liwayway Poll

It's great news to hear that Liwayway Magazine will continue, even though Liwayway Publications will indeed close. The magazine will continue under Manila Bulletin. As to what Bulletin has in store for Liwayway I have no idea.

But keep in mind that people working for Bulletin, and indeed a member of the owner's family is reading this blog and this may well be your chance to express in our own little way what we would like to see in the magazine. Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Personally, I sincerely hope that they do hold on to an extensive comics section. In the magazine's golden age, the comics section comprised some 25 percent of the magazine, and at one time even had a separate comics section that one could detach. I think the magazine would be the lesser for it if the comics section was reduced dramatically or removed altogether. The magazine is after all the birthplace of the Philippine comics industry, and the birthplace of such immortal characters like Kenkoy, Hagibis and Pedro Penduko (graphic above).

I would also would like to see a little change in the format. Better paper maybe, and better printing. They don't really need to go to a Fudge Magazine- like quality, but something a bit better than the current format.

How about you guys?

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