Thursday, December 14, 2006



I found the page of this Brazilian artist and saw this illustration:

Based on what he's saying in this post, and in replies to comments, and running it through the translators, he seems to be claiming that this was created by him.

In truth, this was created by WHILCE PORTACIO.

It is an illustration given to me by Whilce as a pinup for WASTED for it's Final Edition. Here is a link:

This is a color version, colored by Whilce himself:

Nowhere in this post or in the comments will you find Whilce's name. And he conveniently removes Whilce's signature, clearly seen in the original.


Now I've been advised by some DA posters more knowledgable than me in the ways of DA that I should have reported it to DA Admin because posting it on my DA journal could get me banned as well. Well, I did report it. But should I shut up about it in my DA journal?

Well FUCK THAT. Go ahead and fucking ban me for doing the right fucking thing. If there's one thing I can't stand is people stealing the work of other people, and I'm expected to just stand meekly aside and let the "authorities" do their job.

And what exactly are they going to do? BAN him from DA? What the fuck is THAT going to do? I want to the world to know exactly what a stealing son of a bitch he is, and banning him will just prevent people from finding this out for themselves.

And if you find me gone from DA, then it's not MY doing. If they ban me from DA, well, like I CARE. Do they expect me to shake in my boots, be repentant, and erase my "offending" post? I've left DA twice before. It's so easy for me to leave again. I don't CARE. .