Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Elmer! Philippine Idol! Etc!

Huge Elmer News!

A lot of updates this time around! I woke up today with some great news about ELMER. Apparently, it made the Honorable Mention list of Publishers' Weekly's First Comics Week Annual Critic's Poll.

Check out the Publishers' Weekly site for more info:

Thanks to Chris Arrant for helping make this possible.


And speaking of Elmer, here's more artwork sent to me, one is from a comics pal Romi Lizada:

Here's another one from David Jerickson Serador, which I found really interesting and freaky:

David Jerickson Serador Elmer Art

Thanks Romi and David! Ang gagaling nyo!


Somebody over the Philippine Komiks Message Board had some fun and turned me into a computer game character. I think it's great! Not to mention truly flattering that people would actually make something out of my hideous visage.

Somebody named "GodKnowsHudasNotPay" came up with this. Ha! ha! You're NUTs, man! But thanks!!


I have an interview up over at New Worlds Alliance (NWA), a group that "was founded in 2003 by seven local science fiction and fantasy fan groups: Via Astris - The Star Trek Club of the Philippines, Star Wars Philippines, The Philippine Tolkien Society, Pinoy Harry Potter, Pinoy X-Philes, Pinoy Slayers, and The Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers (AEGIS). Its aim was to provide a venue for Filipino science fiction and fantasy fans to interact, hold activities, and express themselves and their love for their respective fandoms." (More about their group here)

Their group is responsible for organizing an annual Sci-fi and Fantasy Con in various places around Metro Manila. I had attended the first two cons in Mile Long in 2003 and then at Rockwell in 2004, both in Makati.

Graphic Artists #6: Gerry Alanguilan

Thanks to Meann Ortiz for the Interview!


An adventure I went through recently was attend the Grand Finals of the first Philippine Idol competition live at Araneta Coliseum. I'm a casual fan of American Idol, and so naturally, I was drawn to watch the Philippine equivalent. One of my favorites even early on were Mau Marcelo and Pow Chavez. It turns out Mau is a friend of one of my good friends, Arlan Esmeña. Arlan, his wife May and their family are naturally huge supporters of Mau, and they even accompany her to each stage of the competition to cheer her on and support her.

I thought wow, that sounds like fun. I had asked Arlan maybe one of these days, we can tag along as well. We all got pretty excited when Mau became one of the final three, and Arlan invited me and my wife Ilyn to watch the Grand Finals live. I thought wow, I've never been to a show like this, attended by thousands of people, telecast live on TV. It would be quite an experience.

And being the video freak I currently am, I naturally made a video blog out of it.

My Philippine Idol Experience

It turns out I had the right instinct because Mau eventually won the competion. Congrats Mau!

Banner Design by Arlan Esmeña


My good pal and former collaborator Leinil Francis Yu finally has an official website! Well, at the moment it points to his Deviant Art account, but it's all good!