Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A New Blog

My Ambrosia DigiComics Blog

On the strength of perhaps my Elmer work, Wesley Craig Green, the head cheese of Elmer's distributor in North America, Independent Propaganda, offered me a blog on his new Ambrosia Publishing/Digicomics site. I already have a regularly updated blog right here, so I was a bit hesitant to take it at first.

But I figured that the added web presence can't really be all that bad, since it would allow me the opportunity to share and promote my comics more widely. It's always conceivable that people may get to visit that site and not this one.

I would hate to duplicate posts between blogs, and I'll try very hard not to do that. Sometimes I expect it would be unavoidable. But I think I'll try to concentrate more on ELMER on that blog, because I see it as a place where I might have more of a readership abroad and ELMER is something I'm agressively promoting outside the country.

Rest assured though, that any significant thing I post about Elmer over there, I will give a link from here so all you who read Elmer and would like to be kept up to date won't miss a thing.

Right now, I'm just feeling it out and see where it goes. I'm having fun with it, because it's on Wordpress and I'm quickly finding out how cool it is.