Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ELMER, ZsaZsa, Post Office Frustrations

Elmer Art "Headless Chicken"
by Robert Magnuson

Robert turned in this really cool and disturbing image. If my back covers (only 2 remaining) weren't all spoken for, I would certainly use this for a back cover. I'll definitely make sure this appears in the interiors somewhere and in color in the compilation.

Robert is the creator of "Shirley's Pets" for Junior Inquirer, as well as the writer and artist for several successful children's books including "Mr. Beetle's Many Rooms" and "Diego and Marie Presents: A Secret Sense of Home, An Early Science Adventure" published by Adarna House.

Robert is an amazingly talented and I have to say, marvelously devious guy. I mean that as a compliment. As to exacty what I mean by "devious", I'll write about it in a future entry. Let me just leave you with the idea that Robert has been doing something unexpected and good for the Philippine comics industry. You the man, Robert!

Elmer Art "Mananabas"
by Ner Pedrina

Ner is a quiet player in Philippine comics, proving artwork for several comics, and helping put together a few projects. Check out his Wikipedia page for links to his artworks, blog and various projects.

If all goes well, I'll be at the baptism of Ner's baby this Saturday. Congrats pare!


ZSAZSA The Movie!

Here's the trailer to Carlo Veragara's ZsaZsa Zaturnnah: The Movie! Starring Zsa Zsa Padilla, Pops Fernandez and Rustom Padilla. What I find nice about this motion picture version of Carlo's comic book is that they used music from the wonderful musical. Let's see how the movie does. At any rate, HUGE congrats to Carlo!

To be honest, I preferred they stuck with Eula Valdez and Ricci Chan for the roles of ZsaZsa and Didi respectively, who did a wonderful job in the musical. I think they were just amused by the novelty of having ZsaZsa play ZsaZsa, never mind if she's suitable or not. Honestly guys, she's OLD, and it shows. I never liked Choklit, or whatever the name of this actor they got to play Didi. Every single time I've seen him I get this really overpowering negative vibe. His comedy is angry and cynical, and I've never found him funny ever. I like the idea of Pops Fernadez as Queen Femina though. She's totally gonna rock.


Post Office Frustrations

Oh man, I'm starting to get really dubious about our local Philippine Post Office. I've been sending LOTs of letters and packages abroad and I'm not sure if all of them are getting to where they're supposed to. It's getting really frustrating, specially if you're running a publishing business and you're distributing abroad.

The Post Office does have an Express Mail service that guarantees delivery within a week, but they're almost as expensive as FEDEX! Just sending 40 copies to North America I've had to spend almost 2,000 pesos on shipping. Sending 120 copies abroad would have cost 6,000 pesos (that's around 120 US Dollars).

I can send that by Standard Mail, but then I'm not sure if they will reach their destination at all, like I'm discovering now.

I'm really at a loss as to how to proceed, to be honest. Does anyone have any suggestion of a courier that's reliable and not as expensive? I wouldn't mind if the shipping was a bit slow... as long as it gets to where it's supposed to. Thanks in advance!