Thursday, August 23, 2001


I was in Megamall yesterday meeting with Leinil and Edgar and when I passed by National Book store I saw a poster of an upcoming comic boook called "K2K" by Lan Medina and Gilbert Monsanto. I worked with those 2 before. X-Force with Lan and Hellcop with Gilbert. It's a superhero/sci fi comic, I think, based on what I saw on the cover. What surprised me was they were able to manage to publish it via one of our venerable comics comapanies, ATLAS. I think that's terrific! For a long time I believed our tradional comic companies to be on life support, and are mere shadows of the giant thriving industry they were before. I hope this book injects new life into the industry, and with these 2 talented people at the helm, I'm pretty sure of that.

So come join them on their launch of their comic book, K2K!! Here is a message I received from LAN today:

Hi everyone,

We are inviting you to the launching of K2K comics.
Me,Gilbert and Mark Navarro will be there for signing
of this book this coming friday August 24.

It will be held at Nat`l Bookstore Shangri-La Plaza Crossing
start around 1:00 o'clock PM.

We are hoping for your presence.