Thursday, August 30, 2001

Overnight went great. Leinil, Edgar and I watched Akira Kurosawa movies in succession. First was Hidden Fortress, then Seven Samurai. By then it was already 3 in the morning so we just played Tekken until the sun came up. Ryan and Richie came by, but didn't stop to stay. They did bring a pizza, which is great! Thanks guys!

So it's back to work!

But I Hate Edgar. Because of him, I'm having difficulty keeping my mind on work! My CD Rom drive was broke for the better part of a year, but I've never gotten the chance to replace it. Diablo 2 was just taking too much of my time back then, back when I was inking other stuff. I didn't want it to happen in inking Xmen and now Ochlocrat, so I just let it be. But Edgar gave me an idea of how to fix the drive, namely, to disconnect the thing, turn on the computer, shut it down, connect the drive again, and turn the computer on again. And holy crap, my drive is working again! Now I can finally play the Diablo 2 Expansion Pack!! Grrrr!

But no, I won't buy the Expansion pack until I finish Ochlo. Because If I do, man, I'm never gonna finish it! he.he.

But I'm glad I got it running again because there are some programs I needed to re-install, like my anti virus program. It was going wonky on me so I had to take it out. What with viruses going crazy lately, I'd like to update it as much as I can. I mean, I'm still getting that damned Sircam virus. I got two of them just today! This virus has been going around now for a month and people still fall victim to it? Jeez...