Sunday, August 26, 2001

Roy Allan Martinez just sent me a kick ass Wasted pinup. What he sent me was just a half finished piece so I could determine if I would like it or not. But jeez, anything Roy draws is always impressive to me. I'll share it here once I get the finished piece on Tuesday.

And speaking of Tuesday, Leinil Yu, Edgar Tadeo and I will be meeting up on Tuesday. I've suddenly realized that we spent YEARS together in various studios working, but we've rarely been together just to have some fun. It seems that whenever I see them, work is always involved. We're going to try to make an exception of Tuesday. We're just gonna hang out, drink some beer maybe, but I know Nil doesn't drink. Maybe play some Max Payne on his computer, but definitely we'll be watching Seven Samurai on his DVD. I've told Ed many times how he looks so much like Kyuzo, the master swordsman in the movie. Now he wants to see it really bad. Plus, Ed's a real manga freak so he'll probably like this movie a lot. Seven Samurai is a totally different experience of Japanese culture, if one is so used to Akira, Ghost in the Machine and all those anime stuff.

We're all busy with our own respective projects, Leinil with High Roads for Cliffhanger, myself for Ochlocrat and High Roads later on, and Ed with his several coloring jobs for Marvel. Plus, he'll be coloring High Roads as well. I guess we just all just need a break before we go back and drown ourselves in work again on Wednesday.

My Sony DVD player is on the blink. I can't believe it. It's only been a year and it broke down. SONY may have kick as TVs, but their DVDs still need lots of work. I just recently got UNBREAKABLE on DVD and I'm dying to see it. Some are considering it to be one of the greatest comic book films of all time. I'm wondering why. I also got Notting Hill Ultimate Edition DVD. What can I say? This movie charmed the hell out of me. It's great to finally own it. This coming months I'd be spending a LOT on DVDs. I can't wait to get my hands on the highly anticipated upcoming titles like Citizen Kane, Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Cut, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Terminator Special Edition, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Doctor Zhivago, Forrest Gump (out now I think), and of course, the Godfather Box Set. Whew! Good thing I've got a job so I can afford all this! Now, I'm only waiting for Sony to call to say my player has been fixed. :)

Hello to Isi, Sumida, Mark, Budje, Jonas, Jason, Jenie, Jeca, Laya and everyone else who visits! Sorry if I forgot anyone. My mind is dulled by too much coffee from staying awake.!!!