Friday, August 10, 2001


You Stupid Stupid MORONS. Where else in the world can you see people celebrating the death of innocent men, women and children? Where else can you see them clapping their hands, dancing in the streets because they are happy that one of their people have killed innocent people just wanting to live their own lives?

The parents and relatives of these suicide bombers are even proud, PROUD, that their child has killed innocent people, and that they believe their child would go to heaven because of it. I've got news for you, you moron. Your child will go to HELL. YOU will go to hell. You think your god is happy over this? Don't be stupid. No god is happy when man kills his fellow man, specially when that other one is innocent.

How can I say such things when I don't even live there, I have no idea what politics, conflicts and beliefs that make such things possible in that place? I can say that because regardless of what stupid politics or what stupid religion that propel and justify such actions, all I see are dead innocent people. And whoever rejoices at that is nothing but a bunch of dumb, stupid and idiotic entities masquerading as humans.

This applies to both sides.

THIS of course, is what I'm talking about...