Friday, August 24, 2001


I just got back home from the K2K comic book launching at National Bookstore Shangrila. K2K is a comic book written by Mark Navarro, drawn by Lan Medina and colored by Gilbert Monsanto. What surprised me about this comic book is that it is being published by traditional comic book company ATLAS, who was responsible for publishing Pinoy Komiks and Espesyal Komiks, all these years. K2K is fully computer colored and lettered, and printed on better paper than any Atlas comic book has seen before. And all that for only 35 pesos.

Like I mentioned before here and in several interviews I've done in the past, I had always thought that the traditional comic companies where not doing to good. The quality is often bad and they're not as prevalent as they were before. But with the publication of this comic book, it's certainly a step in the right direction for them. I applaud their guts in testing out new ground, and being open to doing things in new ways.

I got to meet with Lan Medina and Gilbert Monsanto, and I finally got to meet their writer, Mark, which I thought, at first impression to be quite a funny guy. I met with Roy Martinez, my one time collaborator in many comic books like Loner and Hazard for Wildstorm, and artist of Wicked. We had a nice long talk about many things while we downed some pretty wicked hotdogs.

It rained all day. And me, having lost my umbrella, was pretty wet. I feel like I'm getting sick. Oh NOOOO!