Friday, March 28, 2003


If there is one thing I really hate even more than SPAM in email, it's CHAIN LETTERS. Most of the time, they're sent by well meaning friends, but almost always I can't help but feel offended. Here's why: Have you ever received one of those emails that end with..." Pass this on to 10 other people or something BAD will happen to you."? Well if you have, the person who sent that has just threatened your LIFE. They have just blackmailed you with the threat of death if you don't do what they say. I can be really nasty at times, as some of my friends have discovered. One time a friend sent me a particularly offensive chain mail and I fired off a rebuttal saying well you ought to die too because you just threatened to kill me. I don't do that too much anymore so I'm hoping that my friends who send me those kinds of emails read this so they know how much chain mails offend me.