Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Budjette Tan wrote an intro for WASTED: FINAL EDITION way back in 2000 or so. And I totally forgot about it. It was supposed to go into the book, and if I hadn't read his entry in his BLOG, it would have totally slipped my mind altogether. I'm really REALLY sorry man! I feel doubly bad about it because Budjette was really instrumental in getting Wasted out there, read by more people than I had imagined. He even plays ED in the movie. His help in Wasted and in a significant portion of my work cannot be measured. I mean to rectify this situation.

I'm currently building a new Wasted site housed in the Wasted Movie Site. This site will include every little info out there about the book, including many letters I've gotten from readers. I will include Budjette's into there first and foremost, including the intros not only in the FINAL EDITION, but also from the original version. I will put up a gallery of every single piece of art I've received from readers. A lot of them are very VERY good and it's a damn shame if I just hide it away in boxes at the house. I will include reviews, emails, and other correspondence. You'll see so much wasted you'll throw up. :)