Thursday, March 13, 2003

Me and Silent Bob. Thanks to Gabe for the pic!

That's Timawa scripter David Hontiveros beside me although you can only see his glasses. :) Thanks Syeri for the pic!

From Left: Anakin, me, the FLIM and his wife Cecile and Karen Kunawicz
Thanks To ED for the pic!


I never thought it would be THAT fun to be there. I saw Borgs, Elves (with bad ears), Aliens, Jedis, Anakins, Silent Bobs and lots and lots of Federation Captains and personnel. Plus, I got to sell 35 copies of Wasted! Cool! It's been a LONG time since Alamat has done an exhibit/signing and I sorta missed that. The con reminded me of how much fun it can be, specially if you're meeting the people who read your work. One guy came up to tell me he bought PULP just to follow Wasted. Wow....that's amazing. Leinil dropped me off at the venue after we had met his dad in Greenbelt. Once again, you're a big BIG help pare! Thanks! I set up the tables, chairs and the banner and stuff. I was soon joined by Dave Hontiveros, Budjette Tan, Arvie Villena, Karen Kunawicz, FLIM and his wife Cecile, Ed Tadeo and Amie, Carlo Vergara and Ryan Orosco. Jac was there too. All in all, great FUN!