Sunday, March 23, 2003

I so WANT this DVD!! :)

I've been a Beatles fan since I was a kid. I bought every single cassette when I was in high school, and I got every CD after College. I'm not too much of a fan today, but I still listen to their music fondly once in a while. I'm gonna get paid really soon and this is the first thing I'm gonna get for myself. Well, next to dining room table and chairs that is, which we still don't have. he.he.

I was at a Beatles Memorabilia exhibit at the Shangrila, Shaw last week. I must say that as a collection, it was excellent. Complete original covers, magazines, merchandize, and so on....but as an Exhibit it was lacking because there was NOT ONE item that directly relates to the Beatles...something like John Lennon's glasses or Paul McCartney's pick, or Ringo's sticks. It's simply someone's personal Beatles collection.


Ilyn and I were watching CNN on the war in Iraq earlier this morning when I heard someone outside knocking on the gate. I looked through the window and someone climbed OVER OUR GATE and into the garden. I DIDN'T KNOW WHO THIS JOKER WAS! I took my big rolled Wasted banner, went out the door and demanded what the fuck this guy wanted. He was apparently surprised to see me. He was looking for someone he thought was still living here. He said he jumped the gate because the gate was locked. DUH. I told him that the previous residents have left and I am renting this place now. I smelled liquor on his breath even if he was several feet away from me. Grabbing the banner tightly, with me aching to go WASTED, I asked the guy to get out. Apparently realizing his mistake, he said that if I had a gun I may have well shot him. heh. YEAH. I opened the gate and he went out. I think he really did make a mistake because if he had planned on robbing us, he would have not called and knocked repeatedly before he jumped the gate. FUCK. I've got to get a God damned DOG.