Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Web comics seems to be the huge thing a few years ago and many have speculated that it will soon replace print comics. Being the tradionalist, I'd rather see my work in print. But I didn't want to knock it before I had tried it so I placed my "Last Meow" online, and accepted an online web gig for Unbound Comics where I drew a section of Antony Johnston's City of Light. I didn't make anything at all from the latter gig, but it's all right, as I did not join them for the money but for the experience. At least I can say that I at least have worked with up and coming comics superstar Antony Johnston. Watch out for him...he's gonna be huge!

While I still prefer to see my work in print at this point, I just couldn't refuse when a friend of mine, Jason Banico, asked if he could include one of my minicomics in his web comic site at Dynatica.

Jason wanted the first issue of Crest Hut Butt Shop, but I thought it would be much better to give him Dead Heart #2, which includes Blood Brothers, an 11 page story that I wrote, and Leinil Francis Yu pencilled and inked, just a short while before he started working for Marvel with Wolverine. I had been inking HAZARD for Wildstorm at the time, and Leinil was training under Whilce's at his studio with us. Seeing as he was hanging around the studio with nothing much to do, I asked if he could draw Blood Brothers for me. I had always thought that Leinil was a terrific artist and I'm glad he had agreed to do something for me so early in his career.

The issue also includes the very first Stupid Chicken Stories!, which was what eventually evolved into Crest Hut Butt Shop later on.

These two stories, as well as covers, editorials, and ads, can be downloaded from Jason's DYNATICA site. There you can also download other Alamat comics including Batch 72 by Budjette Tan and Arnold Arre, Agent Gousse by Battle of the Planets artist Wilson Tortosa, etc.