Sunday, August 03, 2003

History of my Blogging

I've been writing my thoughts on a kind of online diary every since 1998, long before I became aware of BLOGGER or any other web based journal writing aids. I think I got the idea after visiting Mark Gatela's site, who had a kind of online journal himself at the time. Unfortunately, my earliest entries are now lost, and I can no longer recover them, even with the help of the Internet Archive.

However, I was able to find 3 months of previously missing archives from Feb 2001 to April 2001. I also found another 3 months worth of archives from my old komikero.blogspot blog, the first time I ever used blogger. With the help of the Internet Archive, I was able to find even older entries from my old site when I used to manually write and code my diary entries. I found entries as early as 1999, but nothing goes further back than that. The links are now added on the left. I had just a little breather lately and I thought I'd work all these out, but I got to get cracking again on those inks.

Things I have to do:

Finish inking this current Superman issue. I have a few pages left to go.
Finish pencilling, inking and lettering an 8 page story for PSICOM comics.
Finish layouting my KOMIKERO Portfolio book.
Start doing stories for my Komikero Comics Anthology for December.
Continue doing the Wasted Movie.
Actively look for more small pencilling gigs.


It almost seemed like the end of the world yesterday afternoon. It started getting dark around 2:30pm and by 3, it was so dark it almost seemed like near evening. Then it started to rain. And boy, it started raining very hard. As in VERY hard. So hard in fact, that I believe it to be the hardest rain I've ever seen in my life. Not only that, lightning started and it almost seemed like it was happening right overhead because I could actually hear the lightning itself, crackling in the air. Our dog Eugene was in near panic. The road outside was immediately flooded. In fact, water started to flow inside the house of our next door neighbor. If we hadn't put up this little dike in front of our garage right after we moved in, water would have gone inside our house too. It went on raining like that for the next hour. It was quite something to experience.