Wednesday, August 13, 2003


A fella from The Comic Book Resources website named Arune Singh got in touch with me about doing an interview for Superman: Birthright. This surprised me because very few inkers actually get to be interviewed. I hardly think of myself as newsworthy in this regard. And I don't say this out of false modesty mind you. I've been interviewed a couple of times some two years ago by similarly high profile websites and with all glee I answered all the questions given to me, taking at least half a day to answer them all properly. But at the back of my mind I kept you really want to interview me? I'm pretty sure all your readers will be wondering who the hell this is. Maybe they want to talk to Whilce or Leinil. But I answered the questions anyway, believing that they really wanted to talk to me and really wanted me for their websites. I didn't refuse because they came to me in good faith and I thought I'd do the same. But the interviews never came out. Well I wasn't really surprised. Like I said, inkers aren't THAT newsworthy. At least they could have told me that it wasn't coming out. But I never heard from them after that. Except one time: one of those who interviewed me emailed again not too long ago, seemingly forgotten all about the interview I did, and requested that I tell them if I have any scoop on the projects I'm doing. I'm sorry, any emails coming from this person goes straight to the recycle bin from that time on. Maybe I'm in no position to act like this specially since I'm not really a "player" in the industry, I mean, I know my place and all, but shit, I gotta make a living and every minute is precious, so if you please, don't waste my fucking time!

2 page Spread from Superman Birthright #3

I'm glad to say that I can't say the same for Arune, who seems like a stand up guy, who genuinely wants to talk to me about the stuff I'm doing. And he's all set to come out with my interview at the Comic Book Resources website this week. Part One of the Interview has just come out, where he interviews Superman: Birthright writer Mark Waid.


People can be so uncivilized. I've been living in this rented house for more than half a year now, and I really have no complaints, aside from the people who live in the back. I don't know if they're just dumb, or simply just don't care. Once in a while they would gather up their trash right next to our wall and set fire to it. And I'm talking about a fire that is less than a meter from OUR HOUSE. Yes, there is a wall there, and the fire is behind this wall, but the wall is not that high, and the smoke gets EVERYWHERE and fills our house if we don't close the windows. Once in a while paper with burning embers fly up and land on us. Well, it wouldn't be too bad if paper was all they were burning. No, they're burning fabric, they're burning RUBBER, and they're burning PLASTIC. What the FUCK is wrong with these people? Don't they know that they're fucking with our health? Our environment? Our future? I went ballistic one day and went berserk on them to put the fucking fire out. I reported them to the Barangay Captain and I thought that would be the end of that. But it seems they're RELATED to the Barangay Captain and while no fires have been lit for a while. They're AT IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW. I can't believe how selfish people can be. All they think about this THEM, right NOW. They don't think or care about other people, they don't care about tomorrow.