Saturday, August 23, 2003

Of course I'm always thankful that I've got this job doing comics. But I'm specially thankful during times like this because I can afford to buy something like THIS. I just got my Lord of the Rings: TWO TOWERS 2 Disc DVD (Widescreen) and I've done nothing nearly all day (apart from cooking some mean tongue burning chili) but watch the movie again, and watch all the documentary stuff. It's still playing as I write this entry. I mean, how cool is this trilogy? Once all three are done and are in the can, I have no doubt that they, as a whole, will be considered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest movie ever made.

This is actually the first DVD I've bought in a long time. There were lots of noteworth titles that have been released that I would have wanted to get like The Right Stuff: 2 Disc Special Edition and Black Hawk Down: 3 Disc Edition, but maybe one of these days when I got the money to spare.

I can't wait for November when THIS motherfucker gets released. I'd have to sacrifice a Superman page or two but what the hell. This DVD is mine. :)