Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I've been playing a little bit with Painter, as I'm considering coloring my own pages for this story I'm doing for PSI COM. I did this little painting really quick and gave it to Ilyn. It was really fun to do! Once I'm able to come up with some pages, I'll try to color them this way.

This is actually a big step for me because I've always avoided anything digital when it comes to my art. Before this, all my colored work, with the exception of the cover of Crest Hut Butt Shop #2, have been done by hand. Actually, I really do have no problem with computer colors just as long as they're done well, and that they're not overdone. Edgar Tadeo was brilliant with his coloring on High Roads, as is Dave McCaig on Superman Birthright. But a lot of computer coloring I see today are just garishly colorful and overdone. I want to start and try coloring myself.

I had thought coloring would be where I draw the line, but I'm slowly becoming partial to computer lettering as well. I will attempt to computer letter that very same PSI COM story, but of course, I will be fully drawing it by hand. Pencilling and inking is that aspect of comic art that will forever remain handmade for me.


People are getting really nasty on the Internet. A few months ago, I came across a site that offered good advice with regards to originality in comics artists. I liked the advice so much that I wrote the author, saying I thought what he wrote was brilliant. He wrote back, biting my head off telling me:

"Um... I'm not sure how to take this. Are you being sincere, and saying you like
my phrasing? Or are you being frustrated and sarcastic...?

Of course, this surprised me a lot, wondering where the heck the cynicism came from, and why is this person was biting my head off for a totally innocent comment (and indeed praise). It happened again today on one of the message boards I visit. A discussion was going on where I felt a very imporant aspect of it was being left out which was important in resolving the discussion. I offered my opinion with all sincerity, but the owner of the forum itself replied, biting my head off, asking me if I was fucking with him. Needless to say, I feel as welcome there as decomposing roadkill so I guess it would be best to save them from my abhorrent presence from now on.

Of course, I am not beyond fucking with anyone, which I do with glee on my own message board (hey, Johnny, Ed!), but I only do so with people I know quite well.


I took a long walk today, as I have done for the past couple days. My health hasn't been the best in the past several years and I seriously need to excercise. My bad health has contributed in part to the reason why it has been difficult for me to continue doing the Wasted movie. On a couple of planned shoots, I came down with either high blood pressure, or the flu. Noel Lim, the director, must be totally pissed with me now, and I can't blame him if he gives up on me. And being a good 20 pounds heavier than the last time we shot, the difference will surely be evident. I wish I could reassure him that I haven't abandoned the project. I'm still hanging in there, trying to get fit enough to continue. I have been watching what I eat lately, and I've managed to lessen my want for pork and beef. But man, don't get between me and my chicken. I can give up eating a lot of things, but never chicken, not when I've stumbled on a new recipe for cooking awesome broiled chicken. I've cut down on softdrinks as well, reducing my quota to just one or two a week. I used to drink everyday. I don't smoke, drink alcohol rarely, and I don't do drugs, so I'm not really that awful, I think.

I've also been watching my finances. I haven't bought DVDs in a long time. I still buy comics, but only those I find in bargain bins that go for like 20 to 35 pesos each. But I guess I'll soon break my fast because the 2 Disc DVD set of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is about to be released. Screw saving! I gotta my have my Lord of the Rings! he.he. Much of what I earn now goes to paying for the bills, groceries, rent, and other necessities. I have to budget my money well so I can come up with my own self published books. I have a comic story completely written, just waiting for the art to be finished. I've seen some art, liked what I see, and I can't wait to see it done.


Last movie I saw is still The Matrix Reloaded. I really haven't gotten the opportunity to go out to watch because of work, and because I have to go to Manila so I can watch a movie in the cinema properly. To me, I can no longer watch movies if its not in Greenbelt 3. I like the fact that I can reserve a particular seat, the patrons are civilized enough to shut their fucking phones off, and latecomers are not allowed in to mess up you view. It's getting so that the next movie I will see on the screen may well be Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.