Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Old Message Board

Exactly two years after my old message board closed because the provider, went under, it's back.

I got the message board in the first place so I could have a little place wherein visitors to my site could interact with me. Since very few people ever visited the site back then, I got maybe just around 1 or 2 messages in a week. So I decided to get a message board that looked like a guest book. I sort of liked the look of that kind of interface. For a year or so I was happy with the board/"guestbook" and the interaction I was having with people who dropped by.

But when Ruey De Vera of the Philippine Inquirer interviewed me about the site, the visitors to the site suddenly grew. I started to get like 10-15 messages a day via the board and with a message limit of only 300 message at my account, it quickly ran out. Well, I was happy that people came over, but it became clear that the message board could no longer handle it.

But I was prepared to stay there and I would have, if Ravelly had continued to survive. But it closed down not long after and my move to a different message board provider became the only option left. So I got an account at Delphiforums. You can visit the message board here:

Some people were hesitant to move and understandably so. The interface at Delphi was a little more confusing to the newcomer, compared to the clean and simple interface that Ravelly provided. I believe some of the regulars were not able to follow the rest to the new place. And it's been a moderately active message board for two long years.

But now, Ravelly is back again. I left them a message asking them if they were truly back and if the old messages can still be accessed. They said Yes! They were back! But unfortunately, all the old messages have been lost. It would be strange to ask people to move back in, now that they had gotten so used to Delphi, so I won't.

I registered again anyway, and set up a message board/guestbook, purely for nostalgic reasons. The board at Delphi will still remain as the main board, but if anyone wishes to leave a message at the old/new place, is totally free to do so. :)