Sunday, February 22, 2004

That's part of a drawing I did for Marco Dimaano and his upcoming comic book KIA. I'll be doing a lot of my own drawing this year. I have something lined up with David Hontiveros, in a story that he wrote and I will draw. I'll also be contributing a 12-page full color story and art for SIGLO: PASSION and then another 10 pages for an upcoming book about O. Henry from Graphic Classics, and then another 10 pager for an Alamat anthology for Alamat's 10th Year Anniversary this November. There is the odd drawing here and there for some indies and of course, Crest Hut. And there are some more things which I'll talk about when they're at least half way through.

What about the Komikero book? To be honest, money was not the only thing that kept this book back. After seeing Alex Niño's Satan's Tears, and the numerous comics created by the masters during the past several months made me realize that I have no business coming out with an art book of that sort at the moment. I still have lots to learn, and lots of work to do to improve my drawings.

On the inking front I've completed inking 2 covers for Superman Birthright. The next cover I will be inking will be for issue #12, the last issue of the series. I've been very happy with the work I've done for it so far. I must admit, our colorist Dave McCaig really brings a lot to look of the series that makes our work look better than I had imagined.

Big BIG thanks to Dell Barras for his generosity in sending me a package of comics drawn by Nestor Redondo and Alex Niño. Dell Barras is a Filipino artist who used to draw comics here in the Philippines and later on in the US. He has inked comics like Avengers, New Mutants and New Defenders. I'm extremely glad because it's material that I can add to my growing inventory of Filipino Comics Art that can be used for the Filipino Comics Art Project, exhibits, etc. Thanks again, Mr. Barras!

It seems that Mr. Alex Niño himself has visited this site and left a note. I sincerely hope it's him and I'd like to believe it was. I'm hoping he visits again. Mr. Niño, if you're reading this, I'd like to thank you for all the inspiration. You rule!!!