Sunday, March 20, 2005


I did this illustration for an auction to benefit comics writer and artist William-Messner Loebs being organized by Clifford Meth and Neal Adams. Bill has written Thor, Wonder Woman, Johnny Quest, Maxx, Dr. Fate, The Flash and wrote and drew his own "Journey".

For more info on Bill, Click Here.

I don't know how the auction is going to be done if it will be on Ebay or a live auction somewhere, but I'll definitely post the info here when I find out.


I don't want to say definitely that this is Conan, because I realize that I have no idea how Conan really looks like as described by Robert E. Howard. But Conan was the one that I really wanted to draw. Conan still remains as one of those characters that I'd really love to do in comics in the future.

I have a deep artistic connection to Conan after being blown away by Barry Windsor-Smith's rendition, and after seeing the work by Alfredo Alcala, Rudy Nebres, Alex Niño, Ernie Chan and other Filipinos who worked on the character.