Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Reyes, Santiago, Dery, Gan

Here's a preview of some of the artists I'll be featuring in the coming months...

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The Fantastic World of Arik-Khan #1
Andromeda Publications, 1977

Franc Reyes is another artist who I owe a whole lot of gratitude for helping me get in touch with a lot of other artists, and my conversations with him prove to be very enlightening and informative. Franc became popular for his stint on Tarzan where he left a very lasting impression on the readers. He worked on other DC titles like Ghosts, House of Secrets, Weird War Tales and Star Spangled War Stories. He also came out with his own character Arik-Khan, which was published by Andromeda Publications in 1977. He has since worked as artist for Nelvanna, J. Walter Thompson and Walt Disney where he served as visual development artist on "Brother Bear".

Check out Franc's site here:

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Skull The Slayer, 1975
Marvel Comics

Steve is co-creator of the immensely popular PANDAY in the Philippines. He worked on many titles in the US like Conan, Dracula, Savage Tales, and Starlord. An afficionado of Philippine Comics art, Steve has amassed an impressive collection of original komiks art and can be credited for helping preserve a nearly forgotten legacy.

Image hosted by
Mga Ligaw na Punglo
Espesyal #56
July 17, 1971

Dubbed as the "Greatest Illustrator in the Philippines", Hal Santiago has received quite a bit of flak for the title, but when Hal was at his prime in the 70's, when artists like Nestor Redondo and Alex Niño were doing most of their best work in America, Hal was producing astounding pieces of art like the one above and was indeed one of the greatest working during that time.

His originals for these 2 page spreads are huge, measuring as much as 22"x29". A collector himself, his collection is considerable, which include originals by Hal Foster, from whom he adapted his name.

Image hosted by
Narito Ako, Tina...
Love Story Illustrated Magazine
October 8, 1971

Upon visiting Floro's Site here:, one would immediately realize what an astounding artist he is. I wish I could have featured him earlier, but I was only able to find very very few of his work in the Philippines, of which the art above is only one of around 3 comics I have in my possession. I'm endeavoring to find more.

Floro is best known to comics fans as the artist on the Spiderman newspaper strip with writer Stan Lee, and he is known for creating character designs for the Transformers movie. These are some of the most fantastic designs I've seen and you can all see them at his site.


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