Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Humanis Rex Update!

Humanis Rex Update

I got this press release from Fudge Magazine editor Annie Alejo about the just released issue. It contains an ad for HUMANIS REX, which will be starting next month.

(Note: Humanis Rex doesn't begin in the issue above. The issue contains only an ad for the start of the series the following issue)

Fudge magazine's new issue -- hot off the press!

Available in your fave newsagent's and magazine stands beginning this week.
Cover: Miss Congeniality 2 (featuring Sandra Bullock)

  • All about women (in celebration of women's month)
  • Feature on new shop called Vintage Pop and funky clothing shop Store for All Seasons run by Cecile Zamora and Mich Dulce
  • Team David's Salon's all-women biking team
  • 10 women of substance... in music, film, design, social service, photography, journalism, fashion, etc. (including one misprint! hehe)
  • A Look at What Makes the Pinoy Herione, Darna
  • Gus-Gus the Fudge Tripper's on-the-road reports from Clark Field Pampanga (at the Hot Air Balloon Festival) and San Pablo City (at the Coco Festival)

Next issue: We'll go Medieval on your sinful ass! Frank Miller's "Sin City" on the cover (brought to the screen by directors Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino)... plus all things (we deem) sinful... and the debut of Gerry Alanguilan's original serialized story "Humanis Rex."

Live a little, enjoy a bit of FUDGE!

Oompah, loompah!


I'm so excited to be working on Humanis Rex. It's an idea I had been percolating inside my mind since around 2001, during the time I found myself working on Ochlocrat, which was a sci-fi book. I had wondered what it would be like to do a comic book where the environment came totally from my imagination, and is not based on anything currently existing.

Reference is an important aspect of comic book illustration and it's something I normally go through to get stuff in my drawing right. I figure it would be a huge challenge to not use any kind of reference, except for figures and faces, because everything else will be based on whatever my imagination can come up with.

The only artist I've seen who was able to do this successfully is Alex Niño, and if you've seen any of the work he did for Warren, you'll know exactly what I mean. Everything was just amazing...and ALIEN. Because it was quite unlike anything I've seen before. All of that just came from that awesome brain of his and I'm not saying I can do what he does because I know I just can't. I can't do what an Alex Niño is doing, but perhaps I can do something on my own (and maybe throw an homage to Alex as well while I'm at it ).

I can't wait for the April issue because I too can't wait to see what it'll look like in print! :)