Wednesday, May 04, 2005



This screen is what has been greeting me for at least a week now. My 2nd hard disk had been developing errors for at least a month and I assumed that this had something to do with my start-up problems.

When I open my computer, the start up screen, welcome screen and finally the desktop is severely pixelated. It usually gets fixed when I restart, but this pixelation always happens when I start cold. So I hadn't been shutting down my computer for a long time... I couldn't afford a computer that's going funny on me now that I'm trying desperately to finish an inking deadline, which I had already missed actually. So I've been actually kinda stressed.

So last week, on the assumption that the hard disc was the problem, I bought a new hard disc as a slave to my main one, which is error-free. But the problem remained. I thought....damn, now what? Now my computer started hanging, and restarting doesn't seem to work anymore. This morning I can't even open my computer anymore.

I myself felt a sickness coming on. My throat began to hurt, my nose began to run...and I thought.... I don't have time for this! This is so stupid! I can't be sick! I promptly downed some biogesics and vitamins...that usually headed off sicknesses that threatened to strike before.

I called my computer whiz brother and he said it might be a problem with the video card. I actually hadn't thought of that... the Windows Troubleshooter didn't even give a hint that it was possibly my video card. And thinking about it, it does make sense. The video card is the interface between my monitor and the computer. Something must be happening in between.

I had to buy a video card, and I had to buy one TODAY. I can't go to Manila because one, I didn't have the time to waste, and two, I felt I might be too sick to go. So I just went to town here in San Pablo and got a servicable video card from a local seller. It's cheap, but it does the job. I'll just get a kick ass card later.

And as if my problems weren't enough, the power suddenly goes out in our entire neighborhood. FUCK! Not only can I not fix my computer, it's also gotten just TOO hot to draw. Have you guys noticed how HOT it has become in the past week? It's freaking HOT! I can work without airconditioning, but I absolutely cannot work without at least a fan, not in the middle of the day, not when I'm sick!

It's gotta be the worst day of my professional inking career. Everything seems to want to fucking gang up on you. Thank goodness it started to get better after lunch when the power returned. I was able to fix my computer. Yes, the video card was indeed the problem. Whew! Now I gotta go back to work!